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The Untold

2002 Columbia TriStar, Curb Entertainment

The Circle movie poster

Lance Henriksen, Andrea Roth
Russel Ferrier, Erica Parker, Phil Granger

directed by:
Jonas Quastel

written by:
Jonas Quastel, Chris Lanning

produced by:
Rob Clark, Craig Denton

Shawn Lawless

Gabriel Wrye, Grace Yuen


music composed by
Larry Seymour

additional music
Tal Bergman

score produced by
Larry Seymour, Tal Bergman

Larry Seymour, Tal Bergman

a.k.a. Sasquatch


Theatrical trailer

Based on actual accounts, The Untold is the story of Harlan Knowles (Lance Henriksen), billionaire and President of Bio-Comp Industries who heads up a team of experts in a quest to locate a company plane that disappeared over the remote forests of the Pacific Northwest. Knowles is obsessed with finding the plane and rescuing his daughter (Erica Parker), who was one of its passengers. The assembled team includes local guide Clayton Tyne (Russel Ferrier), renowned wilderness expert and author Winston Burg (Phil Granger) and the beautiful Marla Lawson (Andrea Roth). Soon, the team begins to suspect that Knowles' main objective is actually to recover the prototype of a DNA testing machine called the Huxley Project, which his company has spent years and millions of dollars developing. After finding the plane and its crew torn to shreds, the group tries to piece together clues about what could be responsible for the carnage. With the help of the Huxley prototype they discover they are facing a menace whose very existence is one of the world's greatest mysteries and the only people left to rescue may be themselves.



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