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The Duplicate

2001 Artist View Entertainment

The Duplicate movie poster

Tiffany L. Page, Trey Hardy, Nicholl Hiren

directed by
Michael Winnick

written by
Michael Winnick

produced by
Michael Winnick, Peter J. Abrahams, Trey Alexander, Benjamin Liu, Leigh Christopher

Brandon Trost

Leigh Christopher

a.k.a. Deuces

Angela Bettis

music composed by
Larry Seymour

score produced by
Larry Seymour

Larry Seymour

2002 Telluride IndieFest Winner

"What would you do if someone was living your life better than you were?" This is the question Karen Addams must answer...if she doesn't lose her mind first. To make matters worse, this "someone" is doing a better job at being Karen Addams...than is Karen Addams! A struggling journalist more concerned with compassion than "gloom and doom," she is forced to fight for her sanity, and her very life, when the unknown person starts to take over every aspect of her existence - her love life, her career and her friendships. But how can she win when the enemy is a better version of herself? Greg Johnson has a similar problem...but one that is far more dangerous. Yesterday he was a mild mannered accountant. Today everyone thinks he's a mass murderer. Greg knows that Karen may be the one person who can help him. Unfortunately, she's leading the man-hunt to capture him. The old theater owner, Kyle Mansfield, might be able to help them if, of course, he wasn't insane! One thing is for sure..."Karen Addams" will live happily ever after. It's just a matter of who she'll be.

In Los Angeles, the journalist Karen Addams (Tiffany L. Paige) is investigating a mysterious case happened twenty years ago, when the owner of the Mansfield Theater, Kyle Mansfield (Harold Cannon), shot twice with a shotgun, killed his dog, and he was found covered of his own blood, but without any injure. She convinces her editor to have an interview with Kyle, who is bankrupted. Kyle gives a key of a room to her and says that he is the watcher of the place. Karen decides to open the door, and sooner she finds that somebody is using her identity, efficiently working for her and living at her place. She is promoted in her job when the criminal Greg Johnson (Trey Hardy) is arrested with her apparent support, but she claims she had never seen him before. When Greg meets her, she realizes that apparently they have been duplicated, and their evil doubles have opposite personalities. ~ Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



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