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Stranger Than Fiction

2000 Unipix/Moonstone Films

Stranger Than Fiction movie poster

Todd Field
Dina Meyer
Mackenzie Astin
Natascha Gregson Wagner

directed by
Eric Bross

written by
Tim Garrick, Scott Russell

produced by
Ram Bergman, Dana Lustig

Horacio Marquinez

Caroline Ross

Eric Bross

Stranger Than Fiction

music composed by
Larry Seymour

score produced by
Larry Seymour, Tal Bergman

Peter Maunu

Farhad Bheroozi

ewi, phrase loops
Steve Tavaglione

percussion, programing, additional music
Tal Bergman

bass, programing, keyboards
Larry Seymour

Theatrical trailer

Stranger Than Fiction, a sleepless nightmare...
While waiting for their flight in a bar of an airport, the writer Donovan Miller (Todd Field) tells the story of his best-seller to a stranger to kill time. In Lake City, Violet Madison (Natascha Gregson Wagner), Austin Walker (Todd Field), Emma Scarlett (Dina Meyer) and Jared Roth ( ) are good friends. After going together to a bar, Jared comes wounded to Austin's apartment in the late night and confesses that he is gay and has just killed a man in his apartment. He asks to his friends to help him to vanish with the body of the victim. The group agrees, and after many incidents, Violet stresses, jeopardizing the group. When Violet is found hanged in her house, many secrets are disclosed.



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Stranger Than Fiction

Director Eric Bross

Eric Bross first studied film at New Jersey's Montclair State University and New York University, where he made his first 65-minute, award-winning featurette entitled Pearl, a tragic romance which depicts a homeless woman's plight from childhood on. Other shorts and documentaries followed, including Loui Loui, a mockumentary on the life and works of an avant-garde filmmaker, as well as the documentary Visions On Canvas about the works of cubist painter Adolph Konrad.

Bross' feature film directorial debut was the independently financed Ten Benny, which he co-wrote with his writing partner Tom Cudworth. His other feature film work includes Stranger Than Fiction, a dark, comic thriller starring Natasha Gregson Wagner and Dina Myers, and the critically-acclaimed Restaurant starring Adrien Brody, Jesse L. Martin, Malcolm Jamal Warner and Lauryen Hill. Restaurant toured the country with the IFP, Dockers Classically Independent Film Festival in 1999.

Bross also directed The Chippendales Murder for USA Networks, the remarkable story of chippendales' founder Somen 'Steve' Banarjee

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