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The Circle

2005 Fabrication Films

The Circle movie poster

Angela Bettis, Scott Cohen

directed by
Yuri Zeltser

written by
Yuri Zeltser

produced by
Ram Bergman, Dana Lustig

George Mooradian

Angela Bettis

music composed by
Larry Seymour

co composed by
Tal Bergman

score produced by
Larry Seymour, Tal Bergman

Larry Seymour, Tal Bergman


Cannes Film Festival
18 May 2005

Rhode Island International Film Festival
11 August 2006

Westwood Film Festival
11 October 2006

"One shot is all it takes...". As a contract killer prepares for his next hit, a frightened woman pounds on his door asking for help. He rebuffs her at first, until he discovers that her husband is his next target. The woman finally convinces him to take her to the mob boss' club so that she can plead for her husband's life.... After her descent into this hellish club with its vice and its violence, she returns to her husband, and with one final twist, the true nightmare of her journey is revealed.

Shot in one uninterrupted take with no edits, the approach is not a mere cinematic device, but a thematic extension of the story. The uninterrupted flow of the shot adds to the tension and suspense, enhancing the hypnotic, dream-like journey of the main character.

A frantic and very pregnant young woman begs a stranger to help save her marked husband, not realizing that the stranger is the hit man hired to kill him. Experimental digital movie shot entirely in one take and in real time.



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The Circle

"Yuri Zeltser's The Circle concerns a woman (Angela Bettis) who discovers that her husband has a contract taken out on him by a mobster. She finds the hitman who has been hired to take out her husband, and pleads for the man's help. The killer takes mercy on her, and the two begin a harrowing journey into the harshest aspects of humanity."

~ Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide

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