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Children and Asthma

2002 Light-Saraf Films, KQED

Children and Asthma movie poster

directed by
Allie Light and Irving Saraf

produced by
Light/Saraf Films,
Nancy Evans

executive producer
Sue Ellen McCann

associate producer
Elizabeth Pepin

Irving Saraf

Irving Saraf


music composed by
Larry Seymour

score produced by
Larry Seymour

Larry Seymour

Light Saraf Films

"This well produced program could provide a good starting point for discussion among health professionals, students and community groups as well as asthma support groups." Kay Hogan Smith, University of Alabama for Educational Media Reviews Online

The film investigates the epidemic of childhood asthma and possible links to environmental exposures at the same time it educates parents about how to protect their children from acute asthma attacks. The film visits families and research centers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Iowa City, New York City and Duke University.

Personal stories make visible the social and public health implications of chilhood asthma and interviews with prominent researchers and clinicians make clear and understandable the scientific evidence linking asthma and the environment. Emphasizing the importance of environmental justice as essential to child and family health, this engaging documentary will stimulate public debate on strategies for change to reduce the incidence of asthma and ensure access to care for those who have the disease. Children and Asthma was broadcast on PBS throughout California in 2002

Photo: Paul Trapani/KQED



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